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Elliott Graves's
Snowy Rooftops

"The sense of vastness and the color contrast give the viewers a feeling of nostalgia, allowing them to understand the deeper meaning of this piece." -Willa, Art Judge and Perceptions Editor

Snowy Rooftops

 Image Description: "The picture is focused on a section of a flat roof with snow at the corners. Beyond this, the sky is dark blue. The streetlights and rooftops stretch on into the distance."


      "I chose to submit this piece due to its emotional meaning and resonance to me. I took this photo from a rooftop parking garage in Bloomington, Indiana, where I studied for two years at Indiana University before dropping out to take care of my mental and physical health. This photograph sticks in my mind as one of the most euphoric and pure moments of joy while I was in college, and clinging onto these moments of joy and bliss is very important to me as someone living with multiple mental and physical disabilities, including major depressive disorder." -Elliott Graves

Elliot Graves Head Shot

Image Description: "Elliott, a white nonbinary person with medium-length teal hair, is looking at the camera. They are wearing a blue T-shirt with the character Nepeta Leijon on it, and they are wearing square-framed glasses. They are signing "I love you" in ASL and their nails are painted black and red."

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