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LISTEN NOW: Normalizing 'Differentness' with international speaker & poet Zehn Kashyap

Zehn, an Asian Indian teenager, is smiling into the camera.

Introducing Zehn Kashyap, a young poet from India!*

“Hello my name is Zehn Kashyap and I am a young teenager, currently based out of New Delhi, India.

I was born premature with cerebral palsy, and I am an internationally published, award winning poet and speaker and a passionate advocate for destigmatizing disability and mental health. I would love to continue to advocate and drive programs around disability, mental health, and Girl and Women Rights, subjects that are close to my heart.”

Zehn’s poem, “L(Extra)ordinaire”, was published by India’s national board of education for public and private schools (the Central Board of Secondary Education). She was also invited to participate and share this work in the Girl Up Global Leadership Summit in the Mental Health Panel Discussion. Zehn is associated with People Matters (a global HR media platform) and has been part of the program Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC) in partnership with Instagram. She has been featured by This is My Brave, a US Based Not for Profit, and part of several blogs on Lady Gaga’s Channel Kindness digital platform.

A fun fact about Zehn:

“I am a Netflix buff and a diehard fan of Money Heist, so much so that I’ve watched it over 10 times and my favorite character is…no surprises for guessing - Tokyo (Spanish actor - Úrsula Corberó). Infact, I wrote a poem on her (Tokyo), but alas, I did not get a reply from her!”

Listen to the two-minute podcast episode with Zehn and host Libby Riggs by clicking here.

This episode includes clips from Zehn's interview, exploring the importance of destigmatizing disability as young leaders, speakers and poets.

Find the transcript for this episode here.

*Image Description: "Zehn, an Asian Indian teenager, with black hair and dark brown eyes, is grinning broadly into the camera at home. At the time when this picture was taken, she wore braces, which since then have been replaced by retainers that she wears diligently. She is wearing a blue denim top with blingy black tights with an equally blingy hair band!”

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