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Jordan Habibi's
Koi Pond

"This is a truly stunning piece. The koi fish feel lively in the shadows of the pond, and their circular motion alongside round lily pads is quite pleasing to the eye." -Willa, Art Judge and Perceptions Editor

Koi Pond

 Image Description: "Two koi fish swim in a circle against a dark blue background. They are white with color patches along their bodies: the left one has orange patches and the right one has both red and black patches. Green lily pads rest on the surface of the water above them."


      "I chose to submit this piece because I’ve always found the beauty of koi fish swimming in a pond to be one of the beautiful things in life. It connects to me as a person with a disability because the swimming motions of the fish remind me of peace and ease which contrasts with the pains of my day to day life." -Jordan Habibi

Read Jordan Habibi's third-place poem "I am a Glass" here!

Jordan Habibi Head Shot

Image Description: "Jordan, a young Hispanic man with lightly tanned olive skin and black hair tied back into a short ponytail, is in front of a graffiti wall. The wall is decorated with blocks of color and he is wearing a black suit with a dark button-down shirt and a dark, finely patterned tie. He greets the viewer with a calm smile and arms crossed."

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