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Perceptions Contest Winners

The Perceptions team and I are so proud of the winners from our first contest! At our recognition event on May 17th, we were amazed by their honest and powerful stories.


Scroll down and click on the pictures to view their incredible artwork and writing.


Thank you to all those who submitted to this contest. We hope you check out our future contests here!

-Libby Riggs

    Latif Askia Ba Head Shot.jpeg

    Latif Askia Ba

    First Place Writing Winner


    Grey Turner

    First Place Art Winner

    "I haven't known I'm autistic for very long. But I've begun to reflect on my life with this new knowledge. Autism is a great thing, but I view it as disabling as well..."

    Tatum Tricarico Head Shot.jpeg

    Tatum Tricarico

    Second Place Writing Winner

    "I wrote this piece in order to describe the feeling of being included in a way that I hadn't expected to be and how wonderful that feeling was..."

    Jordan Habibi Head Shot.png

    Jordan Habibi

    Second Place Art Winner
    Third Place Writing Winner

    "I've always found the beauty of koi fish swimming in a pond to be one of the beautiful things in life..."

    Elliot Graves Head Shot.jpg

    Elliott Graves

    Third Place Art Winner

    "This photograph sticks in my mind as one of the most euphoric and pure moments of joy while I was in college..."

    Honorable Mentions:

    Stephanie Lubogo's "The Hangout"

    Anja Herrman's "Discordant Notes"

    Alec Sicurella   "Serenity"



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